Paul May & Paul Rusling Paul Rusling's Radio Friends & Afficionados

             Paul Rusling


Radio Afficionados

with a  few of my radio friends:
Paul Rusling & Ronan O'Rahilly  in na pub
Quatro Amigos - four engineers from the Mi Amgio
Four Radio Caroline colleages
George Saunders, Patrick Starling, Paul Rusling & Dick Palmer.

With Sylvan Mason, the only visiting female artist
to spend the night on the Mi Amigo!
"Make your own caption up" time
and put a thought into Ronan's head!

(or maybe below,
"Throwing some shapes on the floor?
Paul and Mike Read swap a bottle of Champagne with  Man of the Match,  Nick Barmby
At another Radio Caroline REUNION below:
Nick Bailey, Mick Luvzit, The Admiral Robbie Dale,  Tommy Vance, Keith Hampshire, Johnnie Walker,  Keith Skues,
Ronan O'Rahilly, Dave Lee Travis, Mark Sloan, Graham Gill, Paul Rusling, Graham Webb and Mike Ahern. 
Paul Rusling & Ronan O'rahilly on the dance floor.
Paul Rusling, Peter Chicago

With more Radio Caroline legends - 

Robb Eden


Don Stevens

, (above)

and below  M

ike Ahern


Mick Luvzit


In an Amsterdam restaurant
with Walter Simmons & Hans Knot
SUCCESS - how do you measure it?
Being well paid for doing one's job is a good way I suppose, and I certainly can't grumble about the amounts I've been paid or have made along the way.  Anne and I have always worked really hard and for very long hours too. We have invariably been well rewarded, but there is something else that's much mroe important than they pay. No, its not recognition - we don't do awards and things like that. 

True success comes from being HAPPY.
It's as simple as that. The key aspect of enjoying your work is ENJOYMENT. The sheer fun one can have,  so that you wake up and look forward to getting up and going to work in the morning, of being dragged away at 10 o'clock at night after a long day, and not wanting to go home beacuse you are enjoying the work so much and could happilly stay on all night (and I have done done just that many times!)

The "100% energy trip" one of my mentors used to call it.  That was dear old Chris Cary who really knew the meaning of "work hard, play hard"

But its also working with your idols. People whose work you admire, and then you get to work with them. It's a great feeling to learn 'at the knee' of such music business and broadcasting legends. It would be "shameless name dropping",  to list the well known people I've had the good fortune to work with over the years. And many more who I have simply met in the course of my work in radio -  many household names from the world of radio, but also quite a lot of really well known artistes, some of whom became friends.

I was very very lucky to work the clubs in the 70s and met many world-famous artists as well as many when they were relatively unknown "up and coming" performers, and who have since made it big. Some of them I am happy to say I've remained good friends with. One or two I would prefer to forget!

Yorkshire Coast Radio
This small group on the right is team I'm very proud of, its my co-directors at Yorkshire Coast Radio in Scarborough. I'm proud to say that I ensembled the team which included such liuminaries as Wilf Proudfoot, the former MD of Radio 270 and twice an MP, the main architect of the UK legilsation that ushered in commerecfial Radio. Also in the picture are his son Ian Proudfoot and Toby Horton, former MD of Radio Tees.

Our original plan was to put Yorkshire Coast Radio on a boat in Scarborough harbour, and there is still a plaque on the quayside in Scarborough to the former trawler the Heatherleigh that our chairman Tom Pindar bought for the role.
Keith Skues, Andrew Work and Paul Rusling
Paul Rusling and the Admiral Robbie Dale
Yorkshire Coast Radio, first Board Meeting, Wilf Proudfoot, Toby horton & Paul Rusling
Paul Rusling , Annouska and Roger Day
Paul Rusling, Richard Jackon, Herbie Visser

and here with the legendary

Peter Chicago

( the guy who kept Radio Caroline

on the air much of the 70s and 80s)


Above with two pretty tall friends: the delightful Anno



ke Drankier

, of Holland's SurfRadio and Roger 'Twiggy' Day, one of my heroes since 1966.

Dinner with two great pals, Keith Skues of Caroline, Radio 1, Big L, everywhere! and Andrew Work - globetrotting telecoms guru and a key man in the forthcoming Radio Peace.

Swapping stories of bygone days with my first radio


hero - The Admiral Robbie Dale.

with a Radio Caroline stalwart of the 70s & 80s, Richard Jackson (middle)

and (right) my dear pal, former Radio Monique & 

Radio 10  journalist

and now the head of two top Dutch radio stations

100% NL and Radio 10,

world radio expert

Herbert Visser.

Picture by Andrew Work

Everyone's Royal RTuler, Tony Pirnce & BoB Glenn
Yer Royal Ruler
Tony Prince
Bob Glen
Paul Rusling & Bud Ballou, Caroline DJs both
Paul Rusling and Ronan ORahilly comparing dance moves (now called shapes!) on some dance floor.

Below: Paul Rusling and Radio Caroline International DJ BUD BALLOU, now resident in San Diego.
At the controls of Egypt's 500,000 MW transmitter with Dr Kabbary,
and below with Eddie Startup, veteran of so many radio stations.
Andy Archerm, Robb Eden, Paul Rusling, Don Stevens
Having a
giggle with
Radio Caroline colleagues

Andy Archer, Robb Eden and Don  Stevens
Yoko Ono, Paul Rusling
Paul Dean &
Some Beatles fans won't like this one, but I was proud to get this text in 2011, many years after meeting the lady.
"Future of Radio"panel at DMC's World DJ Convention
with Labour MP Mark Fisher and Chris Cary.
On stage in Holland with
Radio City
Radio 270
DJ Mike Hayes
Radio NorthSea and Laser 558 DJ
Paul May
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Paul Rusling in n2016
Dinner with two Dutchmen -
Walter Simons
Hans Knot