YCR Sirst Board of Directors
The usual assortment of "a lawyer, an accountant, the mayor and so on were recruited to the throng, along with some of Paul's radio chums. They believed passionately that radio was more a way of life, and only radio people would understand that and so make it a success.

Among the radio people that Paul brought in were former BBC presenter Barry Robinson, former ILR MD Toby Horton of Radio Tees and INBC plus Tim Jackson who was previously a director of Radio 270 and other stations.

The original company name was chosen to be  the station's name, Yorkshire Coast Radio and it launched in November 1993. By then the original shareholders had merged the company with Minster FM, the ILR station in York. YCR became effectively a subsidiary of Minster FM, with a lot of 'back office' work carried on at the York base, but with a totally independent board of directors, which by then included Tom Pindar as chairman. 

Paul remained on the board as a director until 2002 when pressure of other radio work internationally forced him to resign.

The Minster Group shareholders sold Yorkshire Coast Radio to the GWR Group, who in turn sold it to the  UK Radio Developments network.  The station continues to broadcast to the Scarborough, Whitby and Bridlington areas today using the original network of three FM transmitters at Olivers Mount in Scarborough, at the IBA transmitter station on the southern edge of Whitby and at the PMR site high above Bridlington, just to the north of the town.
The original board of Yorkshire Coast Radio
-Wilf Proudfoot, Toby Horton, Ian Proudfoot, Geoff Winn,
Barry Robinson and Paul Rusling (seated at front)
Paul's son Ben Rusling with Yorkshire Coast Radio's
first Station Manager Jerry Scott
Paul Rusling


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Paul Rusling in 2015.
Yorkshire Coast Radio
Yorkshire Coast radio logo
YCR Director Toby Horton
Radio Tees MD
Toby Horton
Golden Microphone award
Paul's son Ben Rusling with YCR's
first Station Manager Jerry Scott
Yorkshire Coast radio logo

Yorkshire Coast Radio

In the 1960s, Paul's interest in radio had been fired by Radio 270 and he was greatly encouraged by the stations's MD Wilf Proudfoot.  It was Wilf who encouraged Paul to progress "beyond disc jockeying" and start using his engineering skills and licensing experience and became involved in radio broadcast station management.

Although by now working internationally in several countries, especially in eastern Europe, Paul was persuaded to set up a new company (Yorkshire Coast Radio) as a vehicle to apply for a klicence to operate  a radio station for the Scarborough area.  

When the Radio Authority announced that they would make a licence available for the Scarborough area, Paul and Wilf began recruiting a team to bid for it.

The original board of Yorkshire Coast Radio
-Wilf Proudfoot, Toby Horton, Ian Proudfoot, Geoff Winn, Barry Robinson and Paul Rusling (seated at front)