Radio Caroline ship Mi Amigo
Radio Caroline was the springboard for most of the UK's best known radio DJs. It was launched at Easter 1964 when Simon Dee was its first ever DJ. 

Simon Dee was later joined by Tony Blackburn, Tony Prince, Dave Lee Travis and Johnnie Walker.

At the time Paul joined Radio Caroline,  the station had an amazing rosta of DJs which included Andy Archer (seen above) Steve England, Johnny Jason, Spangles Maldoon and Roger Day.

The ship on which Paul served, the Mi Amigo,  later sank in the Thames Estuary in 1980. A few years later it was was replaced by an even more magnificent vessel, the Ross Revenge. That ship is still anchored just off Essex, and is still used for occasional broadcasts.
Paul Alkexander and Andy Archer, Radio Caroline

Offshore escapades

Radio Caroline had by then led something of an erratic life, although it was still a "hot-rockin', flame-throwing" Top 40 hit music station. At the time, the UK had only BBC national stations; this was before the days of commercial radio in Britain, when no one else but the BBC were allowed to broadcast.

The station was  run by one of Paul's radio heroes, Chris Cary (aka Spangles Maldoon!) and the legendary Ronan O'Rahilly. Ronan and Chris were keen to harness Paul's enthusiasm and slightly odd style of presentation. 

Paul was never a reserved, warm or mellow radio presenter and he could certainly never be described as 'laid back'. Paul would never have been at home with the BBC - he rocked and jocked in the upbeat style that he had honed in night clubs in the North and did everything with 100% energy and enthusiasm.

Paul had been a keen listener to Radio Caroline since early 1966 when it releaunched with a high power 50KW transmitter (ans well as a second ship moored off the isle of Man). A fan of Johnnie Walker and the "the Admiral" Robbie Dale, he became even more of an avid listener when Caroline refused to die after the 1967 legislation outlawed British firms from supplying the ships. 

Paul Rusling on the Mi Amigo liffeboat
He had little hesitation then when a fateful phone call came offering him a job as DJ on the station. "It was just like a keen young musician being offered a job with the Beatles, why would I not want to go?"

Radio Caroline International

The station had just launched with a base in The Hague in Holland and had a new Radio Caroline International service, 24 hours a day in English. The format was rock and pop with a solid roster of personality DJs.

Radio Caroline was using two huge transmitters on different wavelengths at the same time and could be widely heard over much of western Europe. Paul hosted the breakfast programme on the station, which  was broadcasting from a  former coaster The Mi Amigo. 

A life on the ocean waves - Paul broadcasting on Radio Caroline,
on the good ship Mi Amigo with another radio legend Andy Archer

             Paul Rusling


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